Bertrand Théaud

Bertrand Théaud

Founder & Director

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After more than 20 years of working and traveling in Asia, I’ve decided to launch Statrys to solve a very simple yet critical problem: offer user-friendly and safe payment and FX platform that can help all the fantastic companies and entrepreneurs we have across Asia succeed in their business. Passionate about football, I’ve built Statrys based on some of the sport values that I’ve always believed in and carried out with me since I started working: Simplicity, Transparency, Support, and Diligence. After 2 years of operation, we are extremely happy & grateful to assist 1,000+ SMEs in their payment and FX needs, with 55,000+ payments already completed across 70+ countries in all sorts of Industries & Regions. Always happy and curious to make new acquaintances and get to know like-minded people, feel free to shoot me a note here to start a conversation!

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