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Statrys Charges

*That’s what goes in our pocket

Base Fee

(Incoming payments unlimited / Outgoing payments limited to USD 50,000)


Recharge Fee
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Recharge Fee is determined by STATRYS based on business profile. See example below in case Recharge Fee is HKD 30: – Total amount of outgoing payment in one month = USD 98,000 – Amount of outgoing payment in excess of USD 50,000 = USD 48,000, representing 5 tranche of USD 10,000 – Total Recharge Fee = HKD 150 (5 x HKD 30)

(per tranche of outgoing payments of USD 10,000 (or equivalent))

HKD 5 to HKD 235

Account Opening & Maintenance Fee

Zero Charge

Up to HKD 3,900 for special companies

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Special companies are companies not incorporated in Hong Kong or Singapore, companies with complex structure and companies with certain business profile

transaction fee

*That’s what goes in the pocket of our partner banks

HKD Payment (local payment to HK bank account)

Incoming payment

Zero fee

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For RTGS/CHATS payments, a fee of HKD 15 is applied

Outgoing payment

Zero fee

Non HKD payment (international payment to any bank account)

Incoming payment

HKD 70

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This fee does not include any fee that maybe charged by the Intermediary Bank

Outgoing payment

HKD 115

Other features

Minimum Deposit


Maximum Amount for Incoming Payment


Maximum Amount for Outgoing Payment


Prohibited payments

Payments in sanctioned countries

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Afghanistan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Burundi, Central African Republic, Crimea, Cuba, Eritrea, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, North Korea, North Soudan, Russia, Somalia,South Soudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe

Client Support


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English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian, French, Thai


Your Base Fee (HKD88/mth for Multi-Currency Account, and if applicable HKD148/mth for each Single-Currency Account) will be charged on the 1st working day of each civil month. If your Multi-Currency Account / Single-Currency Account is opened during the first two weeks of a civil month, the full Base Fee will be charged. If your Multi-Currency Account / Single-Currency Account is opened during the last two weeks of a civil month, only half (50%) of the Base Fee will be charged.

Recharge Fee is determined by STATRYS based on business profile of the applicant company. Factors taken into account include country of incorporation, industry and flow of payments.

Account opening & maintenance fees are charged for special companies only. These are companies not incorporated in Hong Kong or Singapore, companies with complex structure and companies with a certain business profile. The account opening fee shall be paid after STATRYS has approved the account opening and the Multi-Currency Account will not be opened until the fee is paid. Account maintenance fee is due on each anniversary date of the account opening.

If you no longer need your Multi-Currency Account / Single-Currency Account, you can close the account before the last working day of the month. Base Fee and Recharge Fee will be billed for any month started. A HKD500 fee will be charged for the closure of Single-Currency Account. The closure of Multi-Currency Account will automatically cause closure of all Single-Currency Accounts.


The more you trade, the less you pay

Save at least 30% compared to your Bank

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Real-time exchange rate
Get real-time access to mid-market rate Low spread fees
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Spot and forward order
Execute spot and forward contracts instantly in multiple currency pairs
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Forex exposure hedging
Be in control. Protect your business from currency volatility

Your money & data are
safe and secure

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Regulated by multiple authorities
Registered as a Money Service Operator with Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department and as a Small Payment Institution with the UK Financial Conduct Authority
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Strict segregation of accounts
Clients accounts are strictly segregated from our own corporate accounts at all times. Your funds are never invested or lent to anyone else. It’s your money and you can access it whenever you wish.
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Bulletproof technology
We use the most advanced technologies to encrypt data, manage different security permissions and prevent accidental shortcoming

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