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Frequently asked questions

FX trade can be booked online from 8am to 8pm Hong Kong time, Monday to Friday. After 8pm, FX trade can be booked by calling our trading desk. (+852 5449 1545). FX market is closed on weekends and public holiday.

All FX trades are based on real-time mid-market rate. We offer competitive pricing with FX fee determined in accordance with transaction volume. Start a discussion wiht our trading desk to get a quotation (+852 5449 1545)

Deposit for FX forward contract is 3%. Deposit is entirely refunded after settlement of the contract

Yes, we do. You can enter an FX forward transaction with Statrys and proceed with early-draw, which means that you can get your fund before the initial settlement date, or you can extend your settlement date if necessary. We offer these options to our customers as we know it will help them to manage their money flow and relationships with both suppliers and customers.

You can deal in 11 currencies: EUR / USD / GBP / CAD / CHF / SGD / HKD / CNH / AUD / NZD / JPY.

We give the ability for our customers to book an FX rate. To do so, you will need to have your Statrys account funded prior to booking a rate. Then, once your Statrys Multi-Currency Account is funded, Statrys will book the rate for you and settle your trade.

If you cannot log in to your Statrys account, you can leave your FX order to our FX dealer. You can contact him via email at or WhatsApp +852 5449 1545.

Yes, you can leave your FX order (limit order) to Statrys and when the market reaches your limit, your order will be automatically executed.

The Spot rate refers to the immediate exchange rate while the Forward rate refers to the future exchange rate agreed upon in Forward contracts. The difference is due to what we call 'the interest rate differential', a difference in the interest rate between two currencies in a pair. If one currency has an interest rate of 3% and the other has an interest rate of 1%, it has a 2% interest rate differential.

Now let's take an example based on the most commonly traded currency pair in the world: EUR / USD. Let's assume the interest rate for EUR is -0.4%, and the USD interest rate is 0.5%. If the EUR / USD spot value is 1.18, then the forward rate will be 1.1906.

1.1906 = 1.18 *

(1 + 0.5%)
(1 - 0.4%)

FX mandates are specific contracts between Statrys and the customer who wants to outsource their FX currency management to Statrys based on their specifics demand and goal. The specifics are defined both by customers and Statrys until reaching an agreement.

The specificities are based on :

- Frequency of customer cash flow

- Currencies to be hedged

- Frequency of hedging

- Limit exposure accepted