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Get access to forex dealing as traditionally provided to large corporates.

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Statrys Spot and forward order
Spot and forward order
Execute spot and forward contracts in multiple currency pairs
Statrys Forex hedging
Forex exposure hedging
Manage currency risk, protect your profit margin from market volatility
Statrys Real-time rate
Real-time exchange rate
Get real-time access to mid-market rate, low spread fees

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Frequently asked questions

The Statrys payment card is a prepaid card issued by MasterCard that helps you conduct payments via Point-of-Sale(POS) terminals, online transactions, and ATM withdrawals via the MasterCard Network. ATM functions are available for specfic tier-users only. (Please login to the Statrys platform or check your welcome kit for more details).

At the momen we do not offer a virtual card option. Only physical cards are available. We working towards including this option into our product roadmap depending on our customers' needs.

You can use your Statrys Payment Card at all merchants/ ATM machines that accept prepaid MasterCards.

We'd love to help get you one of our payment cards! If you'd like to proceed with a payment card application, please first sign up for a Statrys Business Account via here, or, login using this link to create a card application on "Card" section following the instruction guidelines.

You can create a card application on the "Card" section once you are logged into Statrys Payment App. If you are not yet a Statrys account user, please click here to sign up.

You will need to provide copies of 1) your passport and 2) a Hong Kong ID card or Chinese Resident ID card(if you are a Hong Kong permenant resident or a Chinese resident).

We ship cards to addresses in Hong Kong. Get in touch with our support team if you'd need to ship the card to elsewhere.

Yes, you can withdraw money at ATMs with the MasterCard logo if your card is in tier T2 or above, with exceptions for restricted countries.

Yes, you can submit your application online. Just login to the Statrys payment platform and go to the "Card" tab to create your card application.

If you'd like to upgrade your card to a higher tier and enjoy higher limits, please contact our support team.

Delivery to addresses within Hong Kong usually take up to 3 business days since it's been dispatched. If you have any inquiry, please contact our support.

We do not provide a tracking number for deliveries within Hong Kong. If you have any inquiry, please contact our support.

We'd suggest you to check with your porter/courier to see if any post has been held somewhere. If you'd like to request for a new card, please contact our support team via email

First, you will need to block your card via the Statrys mobile app. If you lost your phone or are unable to access to your mobile app, please do reach out our support team for help. You may then request a replacement card (a HK$50 replacement fee will be charged from your business account balance). For other questions related to delivery and chargeback (fraudulent transactions), please refer to the following sections.

Yes, the monthly card statement will be available on your Payment App in the first week of the following month.

There are a couple of possible reasons: 1. The card's tier limit has been reached. 2. Transaction occured within a restricted country, or a non-MasterCard supported terminal was used. 3. Card is currently in blocked status. 4. Card has insufficient balance.

Absolutely! Please note that you need to make the first purchase with the card chipped in the card machine. The contactless function will then be activated for following payments.

No, the Statrys payment card is not Apple Pay/Google Pay supported at the moment. Meanwhile, you can still make contactless payments using your Statrys payment card.

First, you will need to block your card to prevent any further fraudulent transactions occuring. You can block your card via the Statrys mobile app. If you lost your phone or are unable to access to your mobile app, please reach out our support team for help. Then, you may request for a replacement card ( a HK$50 replacement fee will be charged from your business account). Before you consider initiating a chargeback application, you will need to check with the merchant(s) first to request a transaction cancellation if they are still in an authorized status or to request for a refund if the transaction has been settled. If you do not hear from them within 3 business days after the fraudulent transaction is found, you may then reach out to our support team to initiate the chargeback application. Please be noted that a chargeback fee of HK$320 + 1% of each fraudulent transaction will be charged to your business account's balance.

No, Statrys payment card is not a credit card. It's a prepaid payment card.

To top up your card, you can submit a payment instruction (a card top up request) from the Statrys payment app.


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