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What information do I need to make a payment?

If you are making a payment in Hong Kong, all you need is your beneficiary’s bank account number.

If you are making a payment to China, please read the FAQ "What information do I need to make an RMB payment to China?".

If you are making an international payment, you will be asked various banking account details. At a minimum, you will need your beneficiary’s SWIFT/BIC number. Countries may also require specific information such as:
• China – CNAPS, name of your beneficiary in Chinese characters, and purpose of payment
• Australia – BSB number
• U.S. – you may need to ask your beneficiary for the intermediary bank code
• Europe – IBAN number
• UK – Sort code

What information do I need to make an RMB payment to China?

If you are making a payment to a corporate bank account in China, you will need to provide the following information:
• Name of your beneficiary in Chinese characters
• Purpose of payment

Purpose of paymentDefinition
Cross-border Goods TradeCross-border settlement conducted for trade in goods, including individual retail consumptions, general merchandise, goods for processing, goods required for repairing, goods procured in ports by carriers, transactions to be settled by letter of credit, bills for collection, payment of import equipment and advanced payment, etc
Cross-border Service TradeCross-border settlement conducted for trade in services, including individual bill payments, services or fees relating to transportation; travel; communications; construction services; installation projects and their subcontract services; insurance; financial services; computer and information services; royalties and license fees; sports and entertainment; water, electricity and gas bills to be paid by corporations or financial institutions; rent; audit fees; hotel accommodation fees; legal fees; advertising and promotion fees; copyright and design fees; research and development fees; company registration fees; medical expenses; government services not mentioned above and other commercial services, etc.
Cross-border Capital TransferCapital account transactions, (capital transfers and acquisition/disposal of nonproductive or non-financial assets), capital injection, capital reduction, capital payment, direct investments, securities investments, other investments, shareholder’s loan/repayment, other capital payments as approved by relevant regulatory authorities, fund transfers for foreign direct investment (“FDI”) by enterprises and RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (“RQFII”) projects by enterprises, bonds, fund transfer between enterprises, individual investments, etc.
Other Current Account TransactionsIncome and current transfers, remittance of profits, bonus, dividend payment, tax payment and scholarships, etc.

Will I be notified if I receive a payment?

By default, you will receive a notification email when your account is credited. If you do not wish to receive such notification, you can stop this service at any time.

Do I automatically have access to all your services once I have an account with you?

You will always have access to all present and future services offered by Statrys. You can activate them online or by contacting our team.

How long does it take to receive payment from a Hong Kong bank (i.e. domestic payment)?

There are many factors to take into consideration: the currency, whether the transfer was made before or after the cut-off time, and the transfer method chosen by the payer. Usually, it takes 1 to 2 business days to receive a transfer from a Hong Kong bank.

How long does it take to receive payment from a bank outside Hong Kong (i.e. international payment)?

Like for domestic payment, it all depends on how the payment was made by the payer. If the overseas bank belongs to SWIFT’s global payment initiative (SWIFT gpi), the payment is usually received on the same business day (subject to cut-off time). Otherwise, it may take a couple more days but less than a week.

What are the daily cut-off times to make a payment at Statrys?

CurrencyCut-off time (HKT)Payment date
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar17:00Same business day
USD - United States Dollar17:00Same business day
AUD - Australian Dollar17:00Next business day
CAD - Canadian Dollar17:00Same business day
CHF - Swiss Franc17:00Next business day
RMB - Chinese Yuan17:00Same business day
EUR - Euro17:00Same business day
GBP - British Pound17:00Same business day
JPY - Japanese Yen17:00Next business day
NZD - New Zealand Dollar17:00Next business day
SGD - Singapore Dollar16:00Same business day

Which currencies are supported by my account?

HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
AUD - Australian Dollar
CAD - Canadian Dollar
CHF - Swiss Franc
RMB - Chinese Yuan
EUR - Euro
GBP - British Pound
JPY - Japanese Yen
NZD - New Zealand Dollar
SGD - Singaporean Dollar
USD - US Dollar

Where can I download my monthly statement?

You can download the monthly statement in PDF format on the "Document" page.

If you need CSV format:
1. Go to the "Account" tab
2. Go to the currency you want to export
3. Select the date range
4. Click "Export"

Where can I see my transaction history?

Your dashboard gives you a global overview of all currency accounts, for both past and future transactions. You can also search transactions per date, date range, beneficiary or payer. To track the status of your international payments please contact our support team.