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Grown in Asia – Ep. #4: Lavine Hemlani, Founder of Xccelerate

Bertrand Théaud
Published: 27 Feb 2020

We invited Hong Kong-born entrepreneur Lavine Hemlani to share what inspired him to found EdTech start-up Xccelerate.

Lavine's journey started when he quit his job at investment bank Lazard in NYC to go a sabbatical leave. Little did he know he would end up tackling the tech talent shortage that threatens to impede innovation in his home city.

[Full Transcription coming soon]

Bertrand Théaud Statrys
Bertrand Théaud

Bertrand Théaud is the Founder of Statrys. His entrepreneurial journey has inevitably exposed him to the difficulty in dealing with banks, especially in Hong Kong. When he realised the number of SMEs going through the same challenging experience, he decided to start Statrys: a digital alternative to traditional banks specifically designed to serve the needs of Asian SMEs and start-ups...

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