STATRYS is a digital platform offering payment and Forex solutions to Asian SMEs.

That’s exactly and precisely what we do, but is that clear? Very likely not if you’re not in the Fintech industry.


So, the best and most simple way to quickly present STATRYS is to let you answer these two questions:

  1. Do you need access to banking services to run your business?
  2. Are you satisfied when dealing with your bank, and banks in general?


Now that you have answered these two questions, we are ready to bet that you can easily understand what we do at STATRYS and why we do it:

We provide Asian SMEs with the banking services they need (business account, payments, Forex), whilst freeing them of dealing with banks.

This is how it started

What we want to achieve?

Our objective may not sound very ambitious, but actually it is: we want our clients to be so satisfied with our services that they would recommend them to all their contacts.


Consider how big this challenge is: have you ever recommended the services of your bank?


To succeed we need to continue adding the right people to our team and help them grow, add more banking services to our platform and make sure they can be used easily, understand our clients and be responsive when they have a problem and of course listen carefully to any suggestions they make.


That means we have to experiment a lot of small things, improve and repeat every day but we are ready and committed.

Meet our team


Bertrand THEAUD

Founder & Director


Pankaj VERMA




Head of FX